Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of photography do you specialize in?

A: Documentary-style weddings, engagements, family portraits, newborn/baby/child portraiture, executive or creative headshots, beauty shots, etc.

Q: How long do sessions typically run?

A: Usually about 1 hour for couples/group sessions. If your session involves a newborn, I allot about 15-20 minutes of extra time (no extra cost) for a feeding during our shoot. It keeps babies happy and calm!

Q: How much do you charge for a wedding?

A: $3,000 gets you up to 8-hour coverage with one camera. No hidden fees or extra costs. $3,500 gets you up to 12-hour coverage with one camera. No hidden fees or extra costs.

* $5,000 gets you full-day coverage with 2 cameras. One of those cameras could be video, if preferred, or a mix of video and photography. We don't watch the clock, and there are no hidden fees. Prints and merchandise are priced the same as in the example portrait gallery (please inquire).

Q: How much do you charge for a 1-hour portrait session?

A: $350 sitting fee for up to 4 people. $25 for each additional person. (Bigger groups mean sessions run longer, and this also correlates to the time spent retouching bigger groups.) The cost of prints, downloads, and other merchandise is separate, but very reasonable. E-mail me with a request to see an example gallery for pricing information.

Q: How far will you travel?

A: I serve the Philadelphia area with typically no travel fee (unless the commute is an hour or more.) I serve the DC/metro area, also, as I go there about 5-6 times a year. (To be scheduled in advance.) During wedding season (spring, summer, and early fall), I am also available for portrait and event photography near the New Jersey and Delaware coast.

Q: How long after a photo session do I get my pictures? How do I order?

A: Within a few days after our session, I begin editing and uploading the photos to an online gallery. Gallery uploads are complete after 30 business days. Every single file is edited by hand for color, contrast, and white balance, and I apply retouching and my signature style to 5 images images. If you would like that process applied to any other photo (outside of the ones I've edited) you just inquire after all of the uploads are complete. You may order prints and other merchandise through the online gallery.

Q: What should I/we wear for my/our session?

A: Think more, “coordination,” less, “matchy-matchy.” Choose 3 or 4 colors and everyone wear a variation of them . I love colors, patterns, layers and accessories.

Here is what photographs well (Do’s and Don’t’s) :

* Don’t wear all white shirts (or black, red, etc. where everyone is in the same color. This is a very dated look, and everyone blends together and makes the portraits less visually interesting.

* Do wear patterns! Men and boys may wear a colorful plaid shirt. Others may bring out one of the colors of the plaid shirt and wear a plain colored shirt and pair it with a cute scarf, boots, pumps, etc.)

* Don’t wear logos. Unless your portrait is promoting a brand, enough said.

* Do layer!  Bring a jackets or cardigans over dresses, a cute peacoat with matching heels, etc. Layers can also add versatility to the shots, as switching them out changes the look and feel of different photos.

* Don’t wear something unflattering. This seems like a given, but sometimes a client might complain that they hate their arms yet wear a sleeveless shirt. If that is the case, 3/4 length sleeves, please.

* Do go shopping and purchase new clothes (or at least some new items) for the session. Clothes will look cleaner, crisper, brighter, and I figure, if you are investing in a photo session than you can invest in some basic pieces to make it pop. Put some thought into the outfits.

Q: What sets you apart from other wedding & portrait photographers?

A: I have a signature style. You can see examples of this in my more current work (from 2012-present). I am an expert retoucher. I have good instincts on how to most artfully use the surrounding environment, and where and how to position you within that environment. I consider lighting, form, and composition, and then I try to elicit from you the mood or emotion that the shoot calls for. I have a way with babies and children, especially- starting my working life in children's theater, and being a mother of two, myself.